System, Chance
Carson & Miller

Published by National Galleries of Scotland, 2016

Designed and typeset by James Brook

ISBN 978 1 911054 03 0

Soft cover | 213 x 148 mm | 32 pages 
Printed on 160gsm Vision Superior by Allander

From the National Galleries of Scotland website: ‘This publication is a record of a relationship between an institutional archive and two artists, working in collaboration. The artists Carson & Miller proposed in 2013 that they might pursue their established practice of play and game-playing in the archives of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, and a series of games and play took place during 2014 and 2015 before culminating in the exhibition Archive Games, 11 July – 25 October 2015.

Carson & Miller use play and game-play in their collaborative practice as a tool with which to navigate archives and collections, but also as a means of exploring wider archival notions of memory, keeping and caring. These themes are among those investigated in this book.’

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