Heaven, Hell and Other Places:
a film about Emanuel Swedenborg (DVD)
Published by the Swedenborg Society, 2012

Written/Presented by Philip Makatrewicz
Commissioned/Produced by Stephen McNeilly
Directed/Edited by Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan
Script consultant: James Wilson
Photographs by Stephen McNeilly

DVD packaging and booklet design/artwork by James Brook

ISBN 978 0 85448 173 6

DVD packaging: 190 x 135 mm (190 x 270 mm when open), full colour, soft cover
Booklet: 180 x 120 mm, 32 pages, full colour, soft cover
DVD label: 120 mm diameter, two colour screenprint

From the afterword by Stephen McNeilly: The photographs included in this booklet were selected from a vast range of personal images taken when filming on location, some of which are also to feature in forthcoming book entitled Swedenborgs Lusthus. A personal thanks here must go to the artist and designer James Brook for putting them in good order, and also for his skilful handling of the design and artwork for this DVD.

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