Carol Rhodes
Edited by Andrew Mummery

Published by Skira, Milano, Italy, 2018

Designed by James Brook

ISBN 978 88 572 3814 2

Hardback | 270 x 240 mm | 196 pages
Printed and bound in Italy on Gardapat Bianka 135 gsm with endpapers of Sirio Fedrigoni Bitter Chocolate 150 gsm

Carol Rhodes makes smallscale paintings depicting, from aerial viewpoints, encounters between the natural environment and human intervention, fictional syntheses resulting from a re-mixing of photographic sources. This new monograph reproduces over forty of Carol Rhodes’s paintings and, for the first time, a significant number of drawings. Specially commissioned texts by curator Lynda Morris and art critic Moira Jeffrey discuss Rhodes’s work in the context of her biography and cultural background, and examine its place and importance in contemporary art.

The monograph also includes an interview with Rhodes by consultant and former gallerist Andrew Mummery. Rhodes’s thoughts about her art have rarely appeared in print before and their inclusion here is especially valuable. As well as the full-page plates, archival and documentary photographs accompany the texts, chronology, exhibition history and bibliography sections. The book provides the most comprehensive overview of Rhodes’s work yet available, and will be a standard reference work on the artist.​​​​​​​

Andrew Mummery: It was a pleasure to work with James on the Carol Rhodes monograph. His design proposals were sensitive to the brief and to the artist’s work and his knowledge of the practical and technical aspects of the printing process were also enormously helpful. I was impressed by his attention to detail and the time that he took to arrive at an understanding of Carol’s work and the issues involved with its reproduction and presentation. The final form of the monograph benefited substantially from his input and involvement. 

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