Into Glitch
Published by HDK-Valand, Academy of Art and Design, University of Gothenburg, 2022

Edited by Cathryn Klasto

Designed by James Brook

ISBN 978 91 987101 3 7

210 x 148 mm | 136 pages | Printed by Stibo Complete, Horsens, Denmark, on 150 gsm uncoated paper with 300gsm paper cover with matt laminate

This is a publication that I designed for the MFA Fine Art Programme at the HDK-Valand Academy of Arts in Gothenburg. I worked closely with the eight graduating students, helping them to produce their visual essays for the publication, advising on print specifications and making them print-ready. To create a cohesive publication I suggested that the students use two typefaces: Meta Pro Serif and Meta Pro – though, in some cases, I kept the student’s choice of typeface to maintain the spirit of their submissions. The submissions varied from experimental writing to complex, multi-layered visual essays and it was interesting, through a series of online tutorials with each of the students, to learn about their intentions with the design of their essays and to help them achieve what they wanted to communicate.

Each essay is separated by a double page spread which includes the name of the student, the title and an abstract of their submission. This is faced by a detail from a large digital image created by Anders Walfridson which formed the poster for an exhibition of the students’ work that had taken place ahead of the publication of the book. The students were keen not to repeat the image on the cover (it appears at full size on the inside covers) so I came up with a design for the cover using words that the students had supplied that related to their submissions, using a line device to connect them.

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