More Lasting than Bronze
Published by Edinburgh Art Festival, 2016

Edited by Sorcha Carey and Jane Connarty

Designed by James Brook

ISBN 978 0 9929909 2 3

Softback | 210 x 165 mm | 48 pages 
Printed by Allander, Edinburgh, on Cocoon Offset 100% recycled paper

This is the third book that I have designed for the Edinburgh Art Festival, it accompanied the Festival’s 2016 commissions programme, More Lasting than Bronze, which featured ‘new work by seven artists working in Scotland and internationally, More Lasting than Bronze explores what or how we choose to publicly commemorate, through a diverse series of interventions and propositions, whether exploring new forms of monument, or reflecting on those things which we choose to forget (or forget to remember).’

I was delighted to be able to use an ‘eraser drawing’ by Jonathan Owen on the cover of the book: I'm a big fan of Jonathan's work and I think this ‘drawing’ perfectly encapsulates the themes running through the commissions programme.

Artists included in the commissions programme, which was located in diverse venues throughout the city, were: Bani Habidi; Roderick Buchanan; Graham Fagen; Sally Hackett; Jonathan Owen; Ciara Phillips; and Olivia Webb.

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