Edinburgh Art Festival Commissions Programme Leaflets
Designed by James Brook for Edinburgh Art Festival, 2018

Set of 4 leaflets | 210 x 165 mm – flat size 210 x 492 mm | 6 pages roll folded
Printed by Allander, Edinburgh, on Cocoon Offset 160gsm

This is the fifth year that I have been invited to design printed material for the Edinburgh Art Festival’s Commissions Programme. This year, there was no over-riding theme that united the commissions so the Festival felt that a book was not appropriate, instead I was asked to design a series of interpretation leaflets that shared a common visual language. The brief was to create something open, clean and spacious with a wraparound front and back cover image for each leaflet. I added a coloured strip at the top of each leaflet to carry information about each commission: there were originally going to be different colours for each artist but were finally refined to a single shade of grey. The Art Festival suggested that I use a contemporary sans serif typeface so I typeset the leaflets in Aktiv Grotesk with minimal changes in size and style to keep the clean feel. The grid allowed for differences in layouts on the inside spread of each leaflet; this was decided by the images and copy supplied and from input from the individual artists. In order to maintain continuity with previous years, the size of the leaflet is the same as the last three books that I designed for the Festival; it is also printed on the same paper stock. 

The Art Festival Commissions Programme supports Scottish and international artists to ‘develop ambitious new projects as part of the Festival. Our focus is on bringing artists into conversation with the city, taking work out of formal gallery settings and into public spaces, often offering rare public access to key buildings or sites, and always engaging local residents and international visitors alike in citywide debates around wider social issues’. The 2018 programme featured new work by Ross Birrell & David Harding, Ruth Ewan, Shilpa Gupta and Adam Lewis Jacob.

Ross Birrell & David Harding: Triptych
Ruth Ewan: Sympathetic Magick
Shilpa Gupta: For, in your tongue, I cannot hide
Adam Lewis Jacob: No Easy Answers
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